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Vivian Nash - Owner

Vivian Nash, International Groomer of the Year. Owner of Nash Academy, Nash Pet Salon, Int

With her keen visual sensibility and artistic nature, Vivian Nash, a professional stylist since 1973, has long sought to set standards of excellence in the grooming industry. As CEO of the Nash Academy, the rigorous curriculum she designed creates graduates at the pinnacle of their profession. She has been responsible for the creation of the first international student and instructor exchange programs in the pet grooming industry between the Nash Academy and the prestigious Sepia School of Japan.


She continues to travel to introduce the Nash System of education and to organize exchange programs with schools around the world. She has similarly sought to standardize and democratize grooming competitions worldwide by developing the first judging manual for dog grooming competitions, the International Judges Association in 1998, which remains the leader in judging the most prestigious grooming competitions in the world. 


Vivian has originated and championed grooming methods that always put the compassionate, kind, and safe treatment of all pets first and foremost, and the Nash Academy curriculum focuses on the love of dogs as much as it seeks to develop creativity and artistic expression inherent in dog grooming. 

In 2004, Vivian revolutionized the teaching of dog grooming by putting the renowned Nash Academy courses online, so that aspiring groomers could begin their educations at home, learning the theory behind the practice of the famous Nash methods, before attending hands-on classes at the Nash Academy. In 2008, she introduced two online reference databases which will further revolutionize the industry: the Canine Reference and the Groomers Reference, putting information concerning everything you need or want to know about the various breeds of dogs, including the bathing, grooming, and styling of dogs, at your fingertips.

Internationally recognized for her grooming skills, Vivian has won international competitions and has been an international grooming judge for two decades. She has won Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Judge of the Year and was nominated for judge of the year at Barkleigh Honors. 

Her informed belief in the importance of education led the Governor of Kentucky to appoint her to the State Board for Proprietary Education in that state, a position she held for more than 9 years. She is one of the most sought-after speakers at industry conferences, known for her vast knowledge of grooming techniques and her endless enthusiasm. She is also the "queen of scissoring," and teaches her innovative scissoring expertise at seminars as well. Love of the dog, however, defines and informs all that Vivian does in the grooming industry, and her ongoing desire to revolutionize now includes the development of a new curriculum to help both experienced groomers and aspiring ones deal with the issue of state licensing of groomers, clearly the wave of the future in the grooming industry.

Tanya Slater

Meet Tanya Slater, a seasoned professional with a lifelong connection to the world of dog grooming. As a second-generation groomer, Tanya's journey in the industry began at a young age, growing up immersed in the art and passion for animal care.


Born to the visionary founders Vivian and John Nash, Tanya inherited the family legacy and a deep love for animals. She quickly embraced the responsibilities of the grooming business, even as a child, and showed remarkable talent and dedication. At a tender age, she was already teaching others the intricacies of dog grooming, a true testament to her natural abilities and strong work ethic.


As she matured, Tanya continued carrying the family business's mantle with grace and determination. Her commitment to providing top-notch grooming services and her genuine affection for all creatures earned her a reputation as a compassionate and skilled groomer.


Beyond her professional life, Tanya finds immense joy in her role as a wife and mother. She shares her life with her supportive husband, Stephen Slater, who cherishes her ambition and devotion to the family business. Together, they are proud parents to their 13-year-old daughter, Sydney Slater, who shares her mother's passion for animals and the family's legacy.


When Tanya is not caring for the well-being of four-legged clients, she explores another creative outlet—cooking. Her love for culinary adventures allows her to experiment with flavors and savor the joy of bringing delicious dishes to life.


As a dedicated parent, Tanya takes great delight in being a soccer mom for her daughter Sydney. Cheering from the sidelines and watching her daughter grow in soccer and life fills her heart with pride and joy.


Speaking of her heart, it is equally filled with love for her pets. Tanya shares her home with a loving beagle, two delightful birds, and a charming leopard gecko. She believes in extending the same love and care she provides at the grooming salon to her beloved animal companions, creating a haven of happiness for each one.


Tanya Slater's life is a beautiful blend of tradition, passion, and family. Her journey in the dog grooming industry has been deeply rooted in her upbringing and nurtured with genuine love and dedication. As she continues to make a difference in the lives of animals and her own family, Tanya's legacy shines bright as a guiding light for those who follow in her footsteps.

Amy Thomas - Director of Practical Skills

Meet Amy Thomas, a distinguished pet care professional with an illustrious career spanning over 25 years. Renowned for her expertise in bathing, grooming, and styling the canine and the feline, she has achieved remarkable success and recognition in her chosen profession.


As a seasoned teacher and mentor, Amy's passion lies in shaping the next generation of pet care professionals to excel in their careers. Her extensive experience in training and coaching individuals has consistently proven her belief that everyone has the potential to become a successful pet stylist.


Amy has been an invaluable asset to the pet care industry throughout her career. She has played a pivotal role in assisting multiple salons in elevating their sales and operational efficiency. Her guidance and support have also nurtured start-up businesses, enabling them to grow and thrive.


Amy's dedication to staying at the forefront of her field is evident through her previous participation in grooming competitions and her continuous pursuit of knowledge through trade shows and ongoing education. Her commitment to evolving with the industry ensures that her skills are always up-to-date and cutting-edge.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Amy finds joy in spending quality time with her rescue Doberman and retired Boston Terrier and cherishing moments with her family.


Having worked with veterinarians, Amy has gained extensive canine and feline care knowledge, making her a trusted authority in ensuring the well-being of pets.


As a Nash System Level 4 Certified All Coat Types Specialist, Amy's proficiency extends to all trim styles and coat types. She also imparts her advanced expertise through hosting classes, empowering others to achieve excellence in their craft.


With a track record of successfully managing, recruiting, mentoring, and training grooming staff, Amy has been instrumental in the growth and profitability of various companies in the pet care industry. Her commitment to promoting pet health and safety while maximizing earnings through up-selling packages showcases her well-rounded and thoughtful approach to her work.


As Director of Practical Skills at Nash Academy, Amy's wealth of knowledge and genuine passion for the pet care profession make her an invaluable mentor to aspiring pet stylists. With her guidance, dedication, and vast experience, students receive unparalleled training and support as they embark on their dog and cat grooming journey.

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