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Special Effects

For those very special occasions when you want something completely different, let your dog's individuality and star power shine, with our partial coat coloring or unique coat coloring stenciling to match a holiday theme, your favorite sports team, or...whatever your heart desires! However, if hot pink ears and tail, with nail polish to match, is not really what you were thinking of, check out our special handmade bows and hats to see if this is what you have been searching for to give your pet that eye-catching look.  Ask about our special effect services and let your dog be the talk of the town.

Coat Highlighting & Partial Coloring

We all know what a pink elephant looks like, but have you ever seen a Bichon Frise with blue ears and tail?

A natural hair coloring is used to color the ears and tail on dogs with white or lighter colored coats. Colors available are: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange. Coloring washes out after several shampoos.


Coat Stenciling

Valentine's Day should never pass without your pet sporting a red or pink heart.

Vibrant temporary coloring is sprayed on the coat to create various shapes such as circles, hearts and diamonds. Christmas trees, Easter bunnies and Turkeys are also available for holidays and special occasions. Coloring washes out after several shampoos.


Nail Polishing

Hot pink nails with black polka dots are in!

Nails can be painted a special holiday color, or to enhance the overall paw appearance may be painted a solid black or white.

Nail polish, stenciling, special occasions. We can accommodate you and your pet.
Bows for Special Occasions

Is your pet ready for the Easter Parade?

Only at Nash can you find that special bow for events which require extra beauty, or for every day prettification.


Hats for Special Occasions

Have you decided what hat your pet will wear for the Kentucky Derby?

Ask now about our derby hats created just for your pet for this special occasion...or for any occasion.


Braiding with Beads, Feathers, Extensions

A unique and creative look for long coats.

Braids and pony tails are great looks, and help maintain longer coat on the ears and top of the head. 

Color enhancement for fun or to enhance a coat's natural color.
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