Special Skin & Coat Treatments

At Nash we offer special skin and coat treatments during the bathing procedure to enhance and improve the skin and coat on your best friend. Priority Pets receive 50% off a la carte services.  Ask now to find out more about our Priority Pet Program

Nash Pet Salon Bichon Frise
Ultimate Expressions Facial Treatment

Enhance the natural beauty of your pet's expression. Removes stains from the coat around the eye and mouth area to give your pet a much cleaner and brighter expression. A rich, all natural shampoo with extraordinary cleaning power deep cleans the coat, reducing stains, while enhancing the color and texture of your pet's coat.  It is completely safe, containing no peroxide or other

Nash Pet Salon Lhasa Apso
Long & Flowing Coat Conditioner Treatment

Created especially for the longer coats.

Restores the natural beauty of the coat to make brushing easier between grooming and styling schedules. A rich conditioning cream is applied to your pet's coat during the bathing procedures to restore damaged coat to its original beauty.


Medicated Skin and Coat Treatment

Relieves dry, itching skin.

Formulated especially for dogs with dry, itching skin and dull coats, this special shampoo is applied and massaged into the coat during the bathing procedure for maximum effectiveness.


Coat and Skin Revitalizer Treatment

Special coat and skin revitalizer brings out the best in your pet's coat.  

Exfoliates the skin and revitalizes the coat, for that special feeling only your dog can give you.  This treatment is applied during the bathing process to remove build up of other, previously used products to restore the natural beauty of your dog's skin and coat. 

Nash Pet Salon Bichon Frise
Full Body Lightening Treatment

Remove stains for a cleaner overall appearance.

Removes stains safely on lighter colored coats to create a fresher, cleaner appearance.  It is completely safe, containing no peroxide or other ingredients that adversely affect the coat or skin.

Nash Pet Salon Irish Setter
Coat Color Enhancement Treatment

Bring out the color in your pet's coat.

Our coat color enhancement treatment uses special shampoos during the bathing procedures to make black coats appear blacker and white coats appear whiter.  All colors will be their brightest and most beautiful after this intense treatment. Also removes stains on white and light colored coats.


Flea and Tick Treatment

The only way to rid your best friend of these pesty parasites.

A natural flea and tick shampoo is applied to the skin and coat during the bathing procedures to eliminate fleas and ticks.


De-Skunking Treatment

If your dog can't resist chasing the occasional skunk...

Restore that up close relationship with your best friend. A special shampoo is used during the bathing procedures to eliminate strong odors caused by skunking.